no pain, no gain!

Our project has satisfied all the requirements in the criteria of Bronze and Silver medals and has also met 6+ of Gold criteria.


Criteria Achievements
1 Competition Deliverables We have completed all the competition deliverables, including Wiki design, Poster, Presentation Video, Project Promotion Video, and Judging Form.
2 Attributions The Attribution page has been completed.
3 Project Description We have completed the Description page.
4 Contribution We used 4 existing basic parts (BBa_E0040; BBa_I719005; BBa_J61104; BBa_B0012) in our project and we modified the 4 parts to fit in our project.


Criteria Achievements
1 Engineering Success We have completed Engineering Page to show our success in engineering. Our engineering success can be verified by parts (BBa_K3423000, BBa_K3423001, and BBa_K3423005).
2 Collaboration We held an offline meetup with Team: SZU_China and discussed our projects with each other.

We participated in CCiC and learned a lot from other teams and received a lot of advice.

We delivered our plasmid to Team: Tsinghua to help in their experiments.

3 Human Practices We have organized Human Practices include scientific communication events, Anti-Biofilm Community as so on.
4 Proposed Implementation We have completed the Proposed Implementation Page.


Criteria Achievements
1 Integrated Human Practices We continuously consult different people from academia and industry, including medicine, chemical biology, environmental engineering in every important step of our project and have completed Integrated Human Practices.
3 Project Modeling We have designed a model to help us evaluate the efficiency of certain protein-DNA interaction (PDI) inhibitors in our reporter system and screen effective PDI inhibitors.
4 Proof of Concept Combining structural biology and chemical genetics screening, together with organic chemistry, we developed a novel inhibitor of the transcription factor Aca1, which assists phages to infect Pseudomonas. Thus, we are able to help the Pseudomonas to defend against phage infection.
5 Partnership We deeply collaborated with Team: SCUT_China throughout the year on Pseudomonas and we both benefited from each other.
6 Science Communication We have developed and implemented three meaningful interaction activities related to synthetic biology. And we have completed Education Page.
7 Excellence in Another Area We constructed a novel screening system (E. coli containing two plasmids) using eGFP as a potent signal reporter to screen for small molecule inhibitors targeting transcription factors.