Safety first!

Safety is the first priority!

Students who were involved in the laboratory experiment had been taught about laboratory safety and trained by the Department of Biology, SUSTech.

Also, during our experiment, students were required to strictly follow the aseptic rules to ensure a safe environment. Furthermore, students were not allowed to work alone in the laboratory, which means that fellows and faculties helped to guarantee safety in our experimental process. As Pseudomonas, the main subject of our project, is always a common pathogen, in the experiment, we replaced Pseudomonas with Escherichia coli as much as possible to decrease infection risk. Also, we only worked on Pseudomonas in the physical containment level 2 laboratory. Similarly, we tried to use common commercial agents and kits as much as possible so that safety could be easily guaranteed. Therefore, our experiment was carried out safely.

Figure 1. Our lab bench

Figure 2. Physical Containment Level 2 Laboratory