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Collaboration with Team SZU_China

On Aug 13th, 2020, SZU_China and our team hold an offline meetup to discuss our ideas with each other. Our team briefly introduced our aim and our progress in screening candidate inhibitors. At that time, we were facing problems in plasmid design for testing potential candidates, so we shared our idea on our plasmid design and ask for some advice from them. SZU_China also shared their aim and future plan with us, and we reminded them of some possible problems on siRNA application in their project (at that time their project was not about jeans but was about using siRNA to solve some problems related to biofilm). Also, they thought that the application of our project would face some problems with biofilm, so they invited us to join in Anti-Biofilm Community.

Figure 1. Discussion between team SZU_China and our team

Figure 2. Participants in the offline meetup between team SZU_China and our team

Participation in CCiC

We participated in the 7th CCiC (Conference of China iGEMers Community) from Aug 28th to Aug 31st, 2020. In CCiC, iGEM teams shared their ideas with each other and received advice from fellows and experts. We gave a lecture about our project on Aug 31st, 2020. Also, we learned a lot from other team’s projects, including their concern, experiment development, and excellent application idea. After the conference, we received an e-mail conveying further advice on our project, including concerns on the application of our project, further experiment development, and some tips on presenting our project. From the online meetup of CCiC, we started to think of our project from some new aspects.

Figure 3. The presentation of our project in CCiC

Collaboration with Team Tsinghua

As both of our teams worked on Pseudomonas, Tsinghua asked us for plasmids that can express a green fluorescent protein. We sent them the plasmid we constructed, and they found it is useful in E.coli. Also, we asked them if they have a specific strain, Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC 33349, however, unluckily, we found that they did not have such a strain of Pseudomonas aeruginosa.