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In this year, our team submitted 3 validated parts, including 2 basic parts (BBa_K3423000, BBa_K3423001) and 1 composite part (BBa_K3423005). Besides, we also contributed to the characterization of 4 existing parts (BBa_E0040, BBa_J61104, BBa_I719005, and BBa_B0012).

Part Part Number Part Type Basic/Composite Length
Existing Parts
GFP (mut3b) BBa_E0040 Coding Basic 720 bp
T7 Promoter BBa_I719005 Regulatory Basic 23 bp
Ribosome Binding Site Family Member BBa_J61104 RBS Basic 12 bp
TE from coliphageT7 BBa_B0012 Terminator Basic 41 bp
New Parts
Anti-CRISPR (acr) promoter inhibitor BBa_K3423000 Coding Basic 240 bp
Anti-CRISPR (acr) promoter region BBa_K3423001 Regulatory Basic 97 bp
A controlled protein expression system BBa_K3423005 Composite Composite 1174 bp